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4TH OF JULY JAM 2014: Azula by Montatora-501

I truly love this piece. To pull of a work like this requires a lot of talent, patience and skill. Everything from the proportions to t...



TWILIGHT SPARKLE VS. Edward Cullen by Patrickc1193
I don't own Twilight, MLP or any Vampires.

Well it's Halloween (also my Birthday!) And I decided to ring it in by unveiling Twilight Sparkle blowing off some steam on Ole Edward Derp face Cullen.  Anyway Happy Halloween everyone!!!!! 
Orlando Bloom as St. Michael by Patrickc1193
Orlando Bloom as St. Michael
I don't own Orlando Bloom, Bieber or St. Michael.  I know I'm a little late on this one but think of it as the few month anniversary of the day Orlando socked that little Sh*t Bieber in the face.
Five Finger Death Punch meets Looney Tunes by Patrickc1193
Five Finger Death Punch meets Looney Tunes
I don't own Five Finger Death Punch or Looney Tunes.

Anyway this one is a little random but being a fan of both FFDP and Looney Tunes I decided to combine them together.  Both are kickass and got against the system.
Scarface the Predator by Patrickc1193
Scarface the Predator
I don't own Predator or Scarface. 

Admit it, this came to mind the first time you knew the predator's name in Concrete Jungle was "Scarface."
HAPPY 21ST BDAY MONTATORA-501!!!!!!!!!! by Patrickc1193
Hello everyone!  Here is a Birthday drawing for :iconmontatora-501: Montatora-501 

Also pictured are Bossman's Kidd Thunder and Shinragod's Lady Malmsteen.

I also decided to include Optimus Prime, Derpy, Legendary Godzilla(while strangling a M.U.T.O, a Diamond Pickaxe w/ a Creeper Head from Minecraft as well as a T.V. newscast telling fans that Michael Bay "is done" W/ Transformers(someday).

I decided to go with Simone, Grimella and Shelby wrapped around Larry showing him their love and gratitude to him.  Kimberly(whose a little hammered) is chilling w/ Kidd, Marrissa and her Shining twin lapdogs are the main course, Godzilla is checking out Lady Malmsteen and Derpy is eating the "Y" from the title.





Kidd Thunder belongs to Bossman.  Lady Malmsteen belongs to Shinragod, Derpy Lauren Faust, Optimus Prime Hasbro, Godzilla/ MUTO TOHO, Minecraft Mojang, Simone and friends to Montatora -501.

I was also going to put some of my OCs in the drawing as well.  But the thing is that my art teachers say that "If you want to make a book w/ your characters you should wait before upload them since people may try to copy your work and stuff."  Anyway I apologize for not including them but I am going to get my OCs copyright protected.  HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY MAN!!!!!!!!!!
Hey guys, I did the request but due to school I may or may not upload as much art as I used to.  But I will work to upload at least 1 or 2 a month.

Going though a lot of stress right now but your continued support keeps me going, and for that I salute you!
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Patrickc1193's Profile Picture
Patrick Conroy
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Hey everyone! How are things going?

I am an aspiring artist who is trying to find the right scanner to get my art on this site.

Sorry for the wait but here are some more drawings. I know a lot of my earlier stuff involves Microsoft paint but my future art will involve pencil.

Can Draw:


Stick men


People I like in Positive Situations

People I don't like in negative situations

At first I set up this account to support people who made great art. But the more I looked, the more I thought about being an artist myself. After a lot of thinking, I decided to upload some of my drawings here and whaddya know you guys loved them!!!!!

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